Mapsticks is a location-based service for sharing events, incidents or anything of interest. All over the world, people post at their location on a map, or they can browse what others have posted. Events are propagated immediately and will appear in real-time on the browsers of users all over the world who are looking at the same area on the site.

Getting Started

Creating your account

If you already have an account with Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you can use this account to login directly to Mapsticks. Alternatively, you can create a Mapsticks account directly.

From the Login screen, click the Login button to start the registration process. On this screen, choose one of the social network login buttons if you wish to use an existing social network account as your login. If you want to create a Mapsticks account, click the Don't have an account? link.

Using your social network account. You will be asked by the social network to login and authorize the use of your account with Mapsticks. Once you have confirmed this, you will be taken back to the Mapsticks page and asked to choose a username to use to identify your posts. After providing your username, click the Finish button, and your account will be created.

Creating a Mapsticks account. You will be taken to a page that requests a username and password. Optionally, you can provide an email address to allow you to recover your password, should you forget or lose it. After providing the username and password, click the Create My User button, and your account will be created.

Viewing the map

After you login you will see the main screen in Mapsticks — a full-screen map. This is where all the posts will appear, positioned on the location where they were posted.

You can navigate around the map using the standard map navigation actions (click and drag, zoom etc.) As you navigate around the map, new posts will appear showing the activity that's happening at the currently visible part of the map.

Because there are always more messages than can be shown at one time on the map, we select the top 10 to 50 messages (depending on the screen size of the device you're using to browse the map) for the visible area, ordered by date. The most recent messages are shown on top.

You can zoom in on an area to narrow the scope of the search and display posts for a smaller geographical area.

Posting your first message

Start by identifying where you want to post your message. To post at your current location, make sure My Location is enabled and click Post. To post at an exact location, double-click the map where you want to post. To post in a general area, pan and zoom the map so that it only shows the area where you want your message to be located and click Post.

Once the map has been positioned, click the Post button to enter the posting screen. Enter your message and click Post. The message will then appear on the map at a random position inside the visible map area. Other users of the site will see the message at this position.

Message Limits. The message must be between 5 and 150 characters long and can contain letters, numbers, spaces and a selection of punctuation marks.

Editing your message

Your messages can be edited for up to 5 minutes after they were initially posted so that you can correct typos and other things like that.

To edit the message, tap on it to bring up the message view. Click the green Edit button. Make the changes to the message and click Post to save the changes. The message will then update in the map.


Following your location

Click the My Location button to make the map automatically pan to follow your current location, as reported by the device you're using to browse the map.

Device Accuracy. Smart phones and tablets with integrated GPS devices will provide the most accurate location information. Desktop browsers, depending on your local ISP, will most likely exhibit significant inaccuracy.

Location Privacy. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, your location information is not transmitted to our servers or shared with any other user. It remains on your device and is only used to pan the map to your current location.

Posting at your location

You can post a message at your location by enabling Location Following and posting a message. The post will appear at the location on the map that it was actually posted from, with a small arrow indicating the location on the map.

Location Privacy. To protect your privacy, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, we do not post your message with the exact coordinates reported by the device you're using. A random factor of +/- 20 meters (66 feet) is added to the location so that the location cannot be exactly determined.


Favourite Locations

You can store favourite locations for quick access. This allows you to quickly navigate to a location without having to pan to or search for it.

Use the Go To button on the message bar to open the Go To flyout, which allows you to add and visit favourite locations. These favourite locations are stored with your user account, so they are available wherever you login.

To store the current location on the map as a favourite location, enter in a name for the location, then click the + that's at the far right. The current location will be added to your favourite location list.

To go to a favourite location, simply click on its name in the list. You will automatically taken to that location.

To remove a favourite location, click the X that's to the right of the location's name. It will be deleted from the list.


Posts displayed on the map can be filtered by criteria that you provide so that you only see content that you are interested in. For example, entering the phrase "garage sale" into the filter would limit posts to those containing "garage sale", which could be used to find local garage sales.

Use the Filter button on the message bar to open the Filter flyout, where you can enter the word or phrase to filter the messages by.

Enter in the word or phrase that the posts should contain and then click Filter. The map will clear and only show posts that contain the word or phrase that you entered.

To remove the filter, click the Filter button on the message bar again, and click the Clear button. This will clear your filter and all posts will appear on the map.

Finding a location

The Go To functionality allows you to enter an address and have the map automatically position itself at that location.

Use the Go To button on the message bar to open the Go To flyout. Enter in the address or location that you want to look at in the location field and click Go. A search will be made for that location and if there is a match, the map will be positioned there. If multiple locations match the information you entered, you will be prompted to choose one of the locations.


Message Bar

Post Here
Post a message. Press this button to open the Post flyout, where you can enter messages to put on the map.
My Location
My Location. Press this button to move the map to your location and start tracking your location on the map. Press this button again to turn off the tracking.
Go To
Go To a location. Press this button to open the Go To flyout, which allows you to enter the name of a location to find on the map.
Filter messages on the map. Press this button to open the Filter flyout, where you can enter text to filter the messages that you see on the map.

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